We hear you.

The Whaling Wall is sponsored by Ken Ganff.

Welcome to the Whaling Wall, a sacred space where we come together in prayer and intercession for one another. Here, we submit the names and stories of those who need prayer, and together we lift them up to the Sacred Whale, trusting in its wisdom, grace, and love.

Whether you're facing a difficult season, struggling with illness or loss, or simply in need of encouragement, we invite you to share your story with us. Our community of prayer warriors will surround you with love and support, praying for you and your loved ones with sincerity and compassion.

At the Whaling Wall, we believe in the power of prayer to transform lives and bring healing to brokenness. We believe that the Sacred Whale hears our cries and responds with mercy and grace. And we believe that as we come together in faith, we will see miracles happen and lives changed.

So come, join us at the Whaling Wall. Submit your prayer requests, lift up others in prayer, and let us journey together in the presence of the Sacred Whale.


-- Prayer request hotline coming soon. --